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13 May

A very pleasant surprise from the Vogue Italia photo editors

This time the prize went to a photo of a beautiful braid of a certain exaggerated 18-year-old model. I had the real pleasure of watching the light play in her hair and define the form and texture of her back and delicate white hair elastic. I’m glad that this image also appealed to the Vogue photo editors.

Margaret's hair

Thank you for being on my blog. Bye and we’ll meet here again soon hopefuly 🙂

21 Mar

First day of spring – new editorial published!

Do you already feel the most beautiful time of the year coming on? When everything wakes up to bloom and when people’s hearts are filled with hope…. For me, spring is a time of longing and hope for dreams to come true in the coming year.

This time, let me introduce you to a new publication from Untold Magazine, my Editorial with the Marvellous Veronica 🙂 Enjoy.

I’m promising myself that I’ll finally get around to updating the site and posting on the blog more often. Unfortunately, I keep having some adversity. But I hope to overcome them. Can you help me out? 🙂

18 Feb

My editorial publication in Moveux Magazine (February 2024)

This time my visual story (fineart tale about a girl immersed in a space of interpersonal emptinesswas) published in the French Moveux Magazine (February 2024 issue).

I am delighted because our collaborative efforts with my lovely model Magda have been noticed and appreciated.

In my opinion anyway, the most important thing is not to be published, but to create in harmony with one’s ideas, concepts and that what one does correlates with my view of the world and what I want to convey, not with the line of any magazine. But if it is published on occasion, it is beautiful.

We are happy and thank you Moveux Magazine

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