13 May

A very pleasant surprise from the Vogue Italia photo editors

This time the prize went to a photo of a beautiful braid of a certain exaggerated 18-year-old model. I had the real pleasure of watching the light play in her hair and define the form and texture of her back and delicate white hair elastic. I’m glad that this image also appealed to the Vogue photo editors.

Margaret's hair

Thank you for being on my blog. Bye and we’ll meet here again soon hopefuly 🙂

21 Mar

First day of spring – new editorial published!

Do you already feel the most beautiful time of the year coming on? When everything wakes up to bloom and when people’s hearts are filled with hope…. For me, spring is a time of longing and hope for dreams to come true in the coming year.

This time, let me introduce you to a new publication from Untold Magazine, my Editorial with the Marvellous Veronica 🙂 Enjoy.

I’m promising myself that I’ll finally get around to updating the site and posting on the blog more often. Unfortunately, I keep having some adversity. But I hope to overcome them. Can you help me out? 🙂

18 Feb

My editorial publication in Moveux Magazine (February 2024)

This time my visual story (fineart tale about a girl immersed in a space of interpersonal emptinesswas) published in the French Moveux Magazine (February 2024 issue).

I am delighted because our collaborative efforts with my lovely model Magda have been noticed and appreciated.

In my opinion anyway, the most important thing is not to be published, but to create in harmony with one’s ideas, concepts and that what one does correlates with my view of the world and what I want to convey, not with the line of any magazine. But if it is published on occasion, it is beautiful.

We are happy and thank you Moveux Magazine

21 Jul

The Journey to Solace

A story about the search for consolation, solace and fulfilment in the modern world, but also about emptiness and alienation, about hope and its loss.

For those who have problems with colour perception or with the poetic interpretation of colours, below you can find a black and white version:

There will be no more posts in Polish, and my entire website is switching to English. I no longer mentally belong to the Polish cultural circle. At least not for the reasons you are probably thinking of.

17 Aug

Panta rhei – Dancing girls

Everything flows, everything is constantly in motion. Many mystics speak of experiencing the dance of atoms, whether during meditation or ceremony.

I , in silence, experience that the trees are alive, they are rippling, a dance, imperceptible for us. Is it just a dance of atoms? Maybe a dance that is also the language of Love? Of longing? I don’t know, but I tried to get closer to this flow of the Universe with these very images. I invite you to watch 🙂 .

13 Aug

Another featured photo in the Italian Iconic Artist Magazine

It’s immensely gratifying to see your work in the Italian media dedicated to photography, especially those that present the highest level of artistic vision. Iconic has already honored me with another highlight of my work, this time it was a magical female nude session with the beautiful and girlish Karina.

As usual, my pictures are created as much during shooting as during processing. My colors, colors that are the result of thinking about the image, experience, story. I never in my life do something like some photographers do, that they take a color wheel and adjust according to a scheme to get a catchy effect on the viewer. What are the opposing colors, what color is in the triad, which one matches the other so as to get the so-called “wow effect.” It makes me laugh, using the color wheel for a painting job is moronic, just like using the grammatical dictionary of a language to write poetry. The color wheel and relationship between colors should be known, but boasting about its use to achieve “wow” is, in my opinion, an open admission of the blindness of the soul and the mechanical perception of the image, that is, acting like an artificial intelligence – which has rules programmed into it and processes the world according to that. This is tons of light years away from the quest, fulfilled through history by poets, painters of all kinds, who go away always too soon, carrying their souls on their shoulders, which no artificial intelligence will ever counterfeit. Well, unless one wants to do the same thing as robots, as Tomasz Pluszczyk recently described in analyzing the progress of artificial intelligence in rendering images. Well, if someone wants to use cheap tricks to create at most correct images, why not, I am not one of such people 🙂

I invite you, stay with me and my model, Karina, in this beautiful moment of contemplation of the girlish body and human destiny 🙂

And referring to our conversations during the session, when Karina talked about Odessa and its musical traditions, that’s how nostalgic I associate this song with these images – and although not from Odessa, the melody and melancholy fit me for these photos:

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21 Jul

A sweltering summer dayUpalny dzień lata

July paints itself exceptionally beautiful and sweltering outside our windows. The temperature melts the ice in the hearts of Poles, so that they can, at least for a short time, see the world in colours painted with the climate of southern lands, the Côte d’Azur, sunny Italy and enchanting Greece. There are also those who, regardless of the temperature, always have in their hearts that melancholic, longing colour of sunsets, those whose hearts sing that song of the wind which you hear when you look from Capo Lilybeo in Marsala, Italy, turning your gaze towards Malaga, to see perhaps somewhere in the distance the Spanish mainland, perhaps your longed-for destiny, perhaps what will meet you years later.
Do you remember Claude Lévi-Strauss’s beautiful book The Sadness of the Tropics?

Today, on these hot days, look with me through my eyes, colours and frame at the beautiful femininity, the girlhood, served up in a summery, slightly moonlit way and the other, playfully hiding behind a curtain of silk.

And here is a musical inspiration, a bit of summer performed by the wonderful Sonatori de la Gioiosa Marca

YouTube player

Thanks Ala for a beautiful session once again 🙂

09 Jul

Dziewczęcość moimi oczami w magazynie Iconic Artist

Kochani, długo mnie nie było. A przecież czytamy u Pliniusza: Nulla dies sine linea 🙂 Wiele rozmyślań za mną, wiele studiów malarskich i estetycznych ksiąg. Niewiele to zmieniło, gdyż najważniejsze to mistrzowska forma przekazująca tą treść, którą pragnie się wyrazić głębią ducha. WIem, że dziś powszechną jest koncepcja, że jesteśmy tylko algorytmami, zaprogramowanymi przez chemię, którą próbują odtworzyć “zawodowi macherzy od losu”, jak śpiewał Lady Punk, wraz ze swoimi korpoludkami. Głęboko sprzeciwiam się takiej wizji ludzi, choć obserwacje ludzkich zachowań często nie napawają mnie optymizmem, ciągle wierzę, że człowiek to ktoś więcej niż tylko chemiczno-psychologiczny algorytm.

Do mistrzowskiej formy ciągle dążę, a duszę noszę ciągle na ramieniu, by opowiadać to, co czuję. Jak w tym wierszu Edwarda Stachury brzydząc się teatrem obłudy i grą hipokryzji:

Edward Stachura – Życie to nie teatr

Życie to jest teatr, mówisz ciągle, opowiadasz;
Maski coraz inne, coraz mylne się nakłada;
Wszystko to zabawa, wszystko to jest jedna gra
Przy otwartych i zamkniętych drzwiach
To jest gra!

Życie to nie teatr, ja ci na to odpowiadam;
Życie to nie tylko kolorowa maskarada;
Życie tym straszniejsze i piękniejsze jest;
Wszystko przy nim blednie, blednie nawet sama śmierć!
Ty i ja – teatry to są dwa Ty i ja!

Ty – ty prawdziwej nie uronisz łzy
Ty najwyżej w górę wznosisz brwi
Nawet kiedy źle ci jest, to nie jest źle
Bo ty grasz!

Ja – duszę na ramieniu wiecznie mam
Cały jestem zbudowany z ran
Lecz kaleką nie ja jestem, tylko ty

Dzisiaj bankiet u artystów, ty się tam wybierasz
Gości będzie dużo, nieprzystępna tyraliera
Flirt i alkohole, może tańce będą też,
Drzwi otwarte zamkną potem się
No i cześć!

Wpadnę tam na chwilę, zanim spuchnie atmosfera
Wódki dwie wypiję, potem cicho się pozbieram
Wyjdę na ulicę, przy fontannie zmoczę łeb
Wyjdę na przestworza, przecudowny stworzę wiersz
Ty i ja – teatry to są dwa! Ty i ja!

Ty – ty prawdziwej nie uronisz łzy
Ty najwyżej w górę wznosisz brwi
I niezaraźliwy wcale jest twój śmiech
Bo ty grasz!

Ja -duszę na ramieniu ciągle mam
Cały jestem zbudowany z ran
Lecz gdy śmieje się, to w krąg się śmieje cały świat!

Duszę na ramieniu ciągle mam
Cały jestem zbudowany z ran
Lecz gdy śmieje się, to w krąg się śmieje cały świat!

Dziś dwa zdjęcia, które podbiły włoski Iconic Artist, a to tylko zapowiedź efektów współpracy z przecudną Alą 🙂 Ala, dzięki za atmosferę na sesji, za pozowanie z poświęceniem i za uśmiech. Zapraszam do oglądania 🙂

Obiecuję, że od teraz zdjęcia na blogu będą częściej 🙂

A inspiracją do tych zdjęć oprócz niebanalnej osobowości i urody Ali była ta piosenka, posłuchaj jej ze mną 🙂

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