Michał ‘SeenSoul’ graduated from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, where he studied humanities – psychology and philology. His versatility of interests and broad-mindedness have made him devote a large part of his life to the exact sciences – IT, which he dealt with professionally. He was also no stranger to movie voiceover and journalism.

Art has always occupied a central place in his life. As a vocalist, he won music competitions with his shanty and Irish music band. He plays many instruments. He is an enthusiast of world music, poetry and Ibero-American literature.

However, it was photography that he decided to devote most of his attention to. He photographs to paint with light. In his pictures, he reconciles the eternal dispute between photography and painting, combining the form and content of the message in the picture. He is a portrait, landscape, and street photographer, as well as photojournalist.

Empathy allows him to listen to the world and people. In his photographs, Michał gives the soul to places, putting their stories into frames and pictures. Sensitivity to the other person allows him to listen to people, their stories, sometimes those not mentioned. This allows him to build an unusual atmosphere of portraits and reportages.

Studies on the history of art and painting have directed the author to those areas of creativity that treat photography as a medium equal to a painting brush and a painting support. Although he is able to do any kind of photography like beauty, fashion, or business portrait, he is most interested in the photo-painting work.

Evviva l'arte!

Fotografia to malowanie światłem. Opowiadanie długiej i przejmującej historii, opowiadanie bez słów. Fotografując zatrzymuję chwilę po to, abyśmy mogli się kiedyś spotkać. By moja droga, myśli, tęsknoty, to, co wyniosłem z życia, mogły kiedyś być dla Ciebie opowieścią, zaklętą właśnie w obrazie. Wierzę, że twórca i odbiorca spotykają się

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Publication illustrating an article about sailing on old sailing ships


Publication illustrating an article about sailing on old sailing ships


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