A sweltering summer dayUpalny dzień lata

July paints itself exceptionally beautiful and sweltering outside our windows. The temperature melts the ice in the hearts of Poles, so that they can, at least for a short time, see the world in colours painted with the climate of southern lands, the Côte d’Azur, sunny Italy and enchanting Greece. There are also those who, regardless of the temperature, always have in their hearts that melancholic, longing colour of sunsets, those whose hearts sing that song of the wind which you hear when you look from Capo Lilybeo in Marsala, Italy, turning your gaze towards Malaga, to see perhaps somewhere in the distance the Spanish mainland, perhaps your longed-for destiny, perhaps what will meet you years later.
Do you remember Claude Lévi-Strauss’s beautiful book The Sadness of the Tropics?

Today, on these hot days, look with me through my eyes, colours and frame at the beautiful femininity, the girlhood, served up in a summery, slightly moonlit way and the other, playfully hiding behind a curtain of silk.

And here is a musical inspiration, a bit of summer performed by the wonderful Sonatori de la Gioiosa Marca

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Thanks Ala for a beautiful session once again 🙂

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