Another featured photo in the Italian Iconic Artist Magazine

It’s immensely gratifying to see your work in the Italian media dedicated to photography, especially those that present the highest level of artistic vision. Iconic has already honored me with another highlight of my work, this time it was a magical female nude session with the beautiful and girlish Karina.

As usual, my pictures are created as much during shooting as during processing. My colors, colors that are the result of thinking about the image, experience, story. I never in my life do something like some photographers do, that they take a color wheel and adjust according to a scheme to get a catchy effect on the viewer. What are the opposing colors, what color is in the triad, which one matches the other so as to get the so-called “wow effect.” It makes me laugh, using the color wheel for a painting job is moronic, just like using the grammatical dictionary of a language to write poetry. The color wheel and relationship between colors should be known, but boasting about its use to achieve “wow” is, in my opinion, an open admission of the blindness of the soul and the mechanical perception of the image, that is, acting like an artificial intelligence – which has rules programmed into it and processes the world according to that. This is tons of light years away from the quest, fulfilled through history by poets, painters of all kinds, who go away always too soon, carrying their souls on their shoulders, which no artificial intelligence will ever counterfeit. Well, unless one wants to do the same thing as robots, as Tomasz Pluszczyk recently described in analyzing the progress of artificial intelligence in rendering images. Well, if someone wants to use cheap tricks to create at most correct images, why not, I am not one of such people 🙂

I invite you, stay with me and my model, Karina, in this beautiful moment of contemplation of the girlish body and human destiny 🙂

And referring to our conversations during the session, when Karina talked about Odessa and its musical traditions, that’s how nostalgic I associate this song with these images – and although not from Odessa, the melody and melancholy fit me for these photos:

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